Story Time
Posted by: Z on Saturday April 26th, 2014 at 16:16

I'm walking on the expo floor scopeing out the various booths. I see men, women and children standing proud by their works of art, their passion. I to, stand in line with my art and my passion. As I await to talk to each representative, I observe. I analyize the reaction of the crowd, feel their level of excitment towards the video game. The player plays and reacts. Then I listen, as the creator and/or publisher tells us their fiction, their tales of unimaginable adventures to be had in their game. The very thing that breaths life to my art of Live Action Video Game Trailers, stories. My turn approaches and I ask the most important question to them. "Would you like to hear how I can bring your wonderful story to life!?"

Networking its a storyteller's venture.

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