Posted by: Z on Saturday March 1st, 2014 at 11:06

When task to create something not in existence yet, inspiration and imagination become my working foundation. It is not always an intangible thing to grasp. All around us something triggers the infinity spark of the brain to think. Now with the omega cyber world we call the internet, we can tap into places and ideals beyond our physical reach. I constantly watch videos that contain places and ideals beyond todays thinking. It is sometimes scary what we find but all the more exciting; or I’ll re watch a video that inspires me to think a certain way. As I write I listen to music that compliments my current thinking and idea. I allow a video to play in the background while the spark flares in my minds eye. It is always a unique and memorable ride and I take those memories as a director venturing to bring those experiences to my audience. Here is a link to a video I let run while as I create. Enjoy!

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