Posted by: Z on Friday January 31st, 2014 at 00:03

We are looking strong for this year. We’ve got scripts locked and loaded and simply waiting for our friends in corporate to give us the green light. Many people wonder why creating content is an arduous process. Beside all the prepping for production, there is a side that few people experience and that’s corporate. An entity filled with lawyers, executives and secret agents whose sole existence is to keep the red tape taut. Aside from money being an obvious variable, both company’s values must match for a cohesive business to business relationship. As well as having a common interest and/or goal, such as creating an Epic Live Action Video Game Trailer, creates for a healthy symbiotic bond. One relies on the other to create blockbuster products. While the other relies on the other to sale the heck out of the product. They both must first believe in the content being created, or it doesn’t work. Rest assure when entering into the corporate world, you will find more doubters than believers. But it is your job as creators to bring the excitement. And we have been bringing it to Comic Con, and soon PAX EAST, making new corporate friends and bring them along the Z Pictures express ride towards cinematic history.

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