Visualizing Victory
Posted by: Z on Friday November 29th, 2013 at 15:33

Well the event for Machinima Interactive Film Festival was pretty awesome. If you love video games and movies that festival was the place to be. It was wonderful meeting creators and the audiences' with the same crave for awesome visuals and killers stories. That following weekend our crew went back into the creative process and created a pre-visual concept for our next LAVGT. These pre-viz are an invaluable tool to planning your next motion picture. It's the appropriate time to figure a lot of issues and elements needed before going into production. We worked out composition, actions, and equipment needed to properly create those memorable cinematic shots. When edited together you get an idea of what you will need for cuts and which angles work best. After the fun day of jumping on top of your friends and visualizing all the fun you're going to have on set, you now have a memorable video to look back on. If you have an idea grab a video recorder, all smartphones have them, and plan out your next epic tell of pure awesomeness! You can check out some pictures from the MIFF event on our Z Pictures Facebook Page. The above pictures our still images from our pre-viz.

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