M for Machinima
Posted by: Z on Monday October 21st, 2013 at 23:35

For those of you who haven’t experienced Z’s storytelling time, some people would say it involves a lot of flaring appendages and Michael Winslow sound effects; and thats what happened at our meeting with Machinima. Machinima has the largest video game based channel on youtube, generating 6 billion views a month. It was really hard not to get excited when telling executives about your plans to send Isaac Clarke crashing through a space window or Belmont vanquishing demons of the night with his holy whip. What I learned was that exposing your true self and your ambitions without refrain can get people to truly feel and see your vision. Needless to say, Machinima is now on board to partner with us to create some of these cinematic LAVGT’s. In the next few weeks you will see Dead Space: Chase to Death on Xbox Live and will be part of the Machinima Interactive Film Festival this coming November. Next year our new content will be distributed by our awesome supporters from Machinima. Stay passionate and driven amigos.

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