Posted by: Z on Monday April 15th, 2013 at 13:30

WE DID IT! We've gone to space filmed an epic Live Action Video Game Trailer (LAVGT) from the universe of DEAD SPACE. It was so much fun and liberating to do a science fiction piece. Now that I've official have complete a science fiction piece I'm hungrier for more. Before all that, people have been asking me about the process and pre-production of making DEAD SPACE: Chase to Death LAVGT. Here are some facts about it. It was shoot with an ultra low budget for a science fiction type film. It was shoot in 2 days which included a pre-light. The film was shot on the Alexa. Most of the hold up was obtaining the right budget and interest to create such a rich world of SCI FI horror. I can not stress how essential the pre production process is to creating motion pictures. We created storyboards and video boards. We did make-up test for the necromorph. Most of the LAVGT is all practical effects. There was very few VFX. We mainly used VFX in moments that I wasn't allowed to dislocate my actress' jaw and our animal wrangler wasn't able to find a tentacle monster. So our puppeteer made the front half of the tentacle monster and the rest was CG. As for the plasma cutter, that gun including the lasers were all real (Thanx CS Studios and my Production Designer). My advice when pursuing your dream is be patient. Give it the love and planning it so much deserves. Be honest with yourself and others. Finally, DO IT and FINISH IT! Trust me, their will be doubts, even from within, but that's about the time to call your cheer squad for some motivation (parents, drunk friends, whoever). I call my old Drill Instruct from the Corps for a high dose of motivation.  If you don't have a cheer squad I'll give you my Drill Instruct's number. I hope you enjoy the LAVGT and gain something from the Pre-Production video.


See you on the next LAVGT!

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