On Set Heroes
Posted by: Z on Wednesday December 21st, 2011 at 09:53




You know when you have a crazy idea, and you've got all the ingredients to do it, but ONE. My one missing ingredent was smoke balls. So I'm a huge fan of practical effects,and their is nothing like creating magic right in front of the camera. Stan Winston's Anamitronic Queen Alien and ramming a cop car into a heliocopter in Die Hard 4 are some of my top favorite practical effects. I was vigourously looking for the smoke bombs to start off our epic Jolly Rancher commercial. I could not find them anywhere in the state of California and had to start looking for them elsewhere. I had a deadline to meet and was trying to aviod using visual effects. I called and message people from all over the country. It was Brent Martin who came to the rescue. Through a mutual friend, he read that I was looking for a practical smoke effect. He just so happened to have a few smoking fireworks lying around. Thanks to his initial response through Facebook, we were able to pull off our pracitical effect. It has always taken an awesome and responsive community to pull off amazing visuals. Thanks Brent Martin.

What's your favorite movie paritical effect?


Check out our particial effect in our latest commercial for The Hershey's Company.

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