Sweet Space Suit: Day 2
Posted by: Keith on Sunday September 26th, 2010 at 19:53


For Part 1 click here.

The second day of shooting for 'Sweet Space Suit' covered the first section of the video, with our adventurer suiting up for action.  The idea for this piece was to make the action appear serious up until the reveal of the ridiculous costume, utilizing close-up shots of each piece of gear going on as seen in similar scenes in the Batman movies.  The decision was made to go with silhouette to hide the budget limitations and also to resemble a style similar to that sometimes used in animation.

To get the silhouetted look that the director wanted, I was painted with a layer of specially-designed shadow paint.  It's not available off the shelf at retail stores, but you can get most of the basic ingredients to make a batch.  The only thing that's tricky to find is eel's bane, which can only be cultivated from the excrement of remora sharks bred in captivity and fed a special diet of barbecued piranha roe.  Luckily, Z Pictures has one of only ten captivity tanks in the western hemisphere maintained for this purpose located in our central office.

For the location, we needed a place that would not charge a fee to shoot.  After considering a few options, it was decided that the mines at Calico ghost town would probably be able to accommodate our shooting schedule, and as a bonus were remote enough to shoot in without worry of being disrupted by passersby.  The only drawback was that the absolute lack of light inside meant that the camera would have a difficult time registering a viewable image.  Luckily, quick-thinking members of our camera team were able to build a 'reverse-iris' adapter that thrived on the dark conditions within.

This, however, presented another challenge:  how would our shadow-painted actor stand out against black cave walls?  We scratched our heads over that one for a few nights before the answer became obvious.  The eel's bane in the paint produces an eerie green glow when charged by the light of a full moon.  As luck would have it, our A.D.'s shooting schedule coincided perfectly with the lunar cycle.  These are what we call 'happy accidents' in the industry.

So, by shooting a glowing green actor against a pitch-black background, all we had to do in post-production was use a negative version of the original image to create the look you see in the finished piece.


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