First Week in L.A.: Dustin and Keith
Posted by: Keith on Friday August 27th, 2010 at 22:33


Dustin: The new frontier, I landed at LAX Wednesday afternoon after seven and a half hours of traveling. I was like a kid on sugar looking in every direction as we drove through the heavy traffic on the 405. “I am here,” I thought to myself. A mix of emotions rushed through me such as excitement, fear, fun, and many more. Today was the day I felt like I was at home as a part of Z Pictures.

Keith:  I've been in L.A. for a little over a week now.  You know what my favorite part is?  I feel like I haven't seen 1/1,000th of a percent of what there is to see.  This is the kind of place where every day has the potential to be a new adventure.  Every day I've been here has been so far.  Even Laundry Day.  I've never lived in this kind of place.  Right now I'm only here on a sneak preview.  But I think this is where I need to be, to get going with the next phase of my life.  I'll be heading back to the east coast in another week.  But I fully expect to be back.

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