Building and Prepping a Proposal for Kickstarter
Posted by: Keith on Friday August 27th, 2010 at 22:28

We have a concept for a live action trailer for an upcoming video game release.  We have the team to make it happen.  What we currently lack is funding.  This is where a site like comes in.  It's a great site for filmmakers whose vision exceeds their resources.  Kickstarter functions almost like a virtual producer.  Filmmakers (or anyone with an idea, really) can pitch their concept in a creative way within their means.  They set a budget needed to complete their vision, and ask for donations in return for non-monetary compensation such as a film credit or possibly more creative prizes for different levels of support.  The good news for anyone offering their support is that no money is accepted unless enough pledges are made to meet the budget needed.  It's a great way to finance a project without putting undue financial burden on the filmmakers or individual financiers.

We are in the process of preparing our pitch for Kickstarter.  Our goal is to demonstrate Z Pictures' capabilities with a low-budget in a series of short entertaining pieces that will hopefully inspire backers to raise funding for our shoot.  Costumes and props are being prepared, and last night we conducted a preliminary lighting test, with yours truly modeling as a sci-fi hero.

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