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Director Z has been creating content since 2009. His love for storytelling and creating scenarios for his cast to explore are seen in everything he develops, from have explorers fight against the odds of space, to enjoying fine wine with odd friends. He constantly seeks to tell stories that will inspire and excite his audience. He strives to understand and push ever department of film making to create the most epic experience on and off the screen. His attention to view a story from various angles allows him to direct engaging stories in the most unique of settings. His military background in combination with his years of storytelling experience has granted him the ability to orchestrate exciting films such as the sci fi horror film DEAD SPACE, comedy sci fi Science Bastard, the drama film Three to LA and his upcoming sci fi drama STARIAN.

"Working with Director Z, is an absolute joy. His passion and energy radiate through out the entire set. He takes time to understand and work with you through the whole process. He has a vision and it's easy to see it." -Fawn Bowen
Actress from Three to LA
"A director who doesn't tell his crew and cast to work, but makes them yearn for the sea. His passion alone, motivates me to take my dreams and make them bigger." - Seth Austin
Actor/Writer from Three to LA
"Z is an extremely efficient director. You have to be ready to show up and fight with him leading the team, you want to." -Adam Lopez
Actor from Dead Space: Chase to Death